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tl;dr: To help slow the spread of COVOID-19, we are changing our hours, postponing and canceling events, and offering more ways to get your comics and games with more social distance, including FREE DELIVERY in town.

Yep. We’re sanitizing, and not letting sick folks come in to work, and asking you to stay away if you’re sick. But there’s super important information to our comic fans and community in this long letter, so please take a minute and read it. It’ll take you less time than it takes to read most comics.

Okay, here’s the deal. This Novel Coronavirus is pretty serious. Probably not Walking Dead serious, so don’t panic. But everyone at our shop has put a lot of thought into how Comics Place can responsibly help slow the spread of the virus, and still keep our community reading comics and playing games, as well as making sure our staff has enough money to eat. We also have to do all of this in a way that ensures our shop survives what’s sure to be a tight bunch of weeks or months. Whoever said running a small business is easy, probably hasn’t had to solve this kind of puzzle before.

So with that said, starting today, we’ll be open to the public from noon-6pm every day of the week, as well as by appointment for prepaid pickups. We are also canceling weekly events, and postponing special events until further notice.

We still want you to come in and say hi and shop in our store. If it’s super busy, please use your best judgment, and maybe take a walk around the block and come back later. We’d like to ideally avoid having more than ten people in the shop at a time. When you’re in the store with other folks, please do your best to keep a long box of space between you and other folks. Two long boxes of space is even better. And this is SUPER IMPORTANT - If you’re sick or coughing/sneezing, PLEASE stay home. You want virus ants? That’s how you get virus ants. We have safer ways to get you comics and games without exposing your illness to the rest of the shop.

But Comics Place nerds, you cry, HOW do I get my comics if I can’t come in during your new store hours, or if I’m too sick to make it in? Or if I’m just quarantined because I know a person who knows a guy who knows a girl who sneezed on their dog? Easy. Starting immediately, we’ll be offering FREE DELIVERY within the Bellingham city limits. We do ask that you not have us deliver just one or two cheap items all the way across town, but really, we’ll do it gladly if you feel like you need it. Right this minute, we don’t have a website set up that will let you order online (hopefully coming soon), but you can call or email or send us a Facebook message to the shop, and we’ll get your order processing and send you a PayPal link or call for your credit card number. We’ll be delivering at least 3 or 4 days a week, and potentially more often as people start taking us up on it.

Or, if you’d like to save us the trip, you can place your order on the phone or email, and give us some time, and we’ll pack up your order and deliver it to you in our loading zone when you arrive. You don’t have to get out of your car, and we’ll hand you the goods with a theoretical high-five.

If you’re farther away, we’re happy to mail your comics. A medium flat rate box generally arrives in good condition, and can fit up to about $200 in comics for $15.

Watch this space for more information and updates to our ordering processes. Django is planning to spend a good amount of the next few days working on a website to help you place orders easier, and Roman is working on a fifteen cassette package of him reading Plastic Man comics out loud so you can have nightmares while you drift off to sleep.

Stay safe, people. Be alert, but not alarmed. We’re all probably going to be exposed to this thing eventually, but let’s give the hospitals and infrastructure a chance to catch up before they get overwhelmed even more.

-Django and Jeff

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