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Holy Moley We've Missed Everyone!

Comics Place is about to open for in-store shopping, in-store buying, in-store hanging-out, in-store whatever! The key word being IN-STORE!!! Are we entirely ready? Well, no, if we were waiting for that it could be another 6 months (In classic Comics Place fashion).

As you read this, we've dusted off the keyboards, turned on the lights, counted in the tills, and started up the no-swears playlist for the first time in nearly a year and a half! And it's none to soon, because even though our doors have been closed, comics did not stop coming out. And even if you think you managed to read every cool book that came out, well... I bet one quick glance at the stands will surprise you.

But hey, is everything back to normal? Well, no, not quite. Things don't just go back to normal. BUT we've spent the last several months making some very big changes behind the scenes that we think will help us be an even better comic shop moving forward. The tricky part is that while we figure out this whole new crazy computer system that Comics Place Logistics Unlimited built and put into place, things might move a little slower. As a store, we've always been a little resistant to change, so we really appreciate your patience and support of all of our staff here as we get comfortable with things. And hopefully, while we learn the new ins-and-outs, we'll also RELEARN how to talk to people in a normal human way, right? Human interaction? I'm almost sure we USED to be pretty good at it.

I'm proud to be able to confidently say that our store's biggest priority has always been to help the most people feel comfortable here as we can. It's easy to feel insecure and nervous in the modern world, but at Comics Place we want to make sure everyone feels like they belong. Right now, the best way we know how to do that is to make sure we're being appropriately cautious about preventing the spread of COVID-19. We have a lot of kids and families in here as well as customers and staff with compromised immune systems, so MASKS ARE REQUIRED any time you're in our shop. Over your nose and mouth at all times, please. We're taking this part really seriously, and hope you will too. If you can't wear a mask, we offer free curbside pickup as well as paid local delivery and shipping through our website.

To say thank you for everything you done for our store through last topsy-turvy handful of days and weeks and months feels like a massive understatement. Django and I have both been monumentally humbled at the outpouring of kindness and support you've all shown us. Nonetheless, THANK YOU! We've got a million stories to tell, as I'm sure you do also. And we can't wait to hang out with all of you and share the highs and lows of that last 16 months (Whoa... I just made the mistake of counting how many months it's been). We've been running this shop for quite some time, and now more than ever, we're certain that it's not just the comics that make this place special, it's filling it with all of you. A comic store with no friends in it is just a room filled with comics... and that's pretty cool, but it's not a community, and the community is honestly why we do this.

We seriously can't wait to see you all! Go easy on us at first, this old bird's gotta learn how to fly again.

Love, The Comics Place!

Jeff, Django, Roman, Colette, Braden, Justin, Ashton, Sarah, Ron, & Neill!!!




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