Zorro Rise Of The Old Gods #4 Cvr A Calzada

Zorro Rise Of The Old Gods #4 Cvr A Calzada [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Puis Calzada
Cover artist : Puis Calzada
Writer : Jason Pell


Genre : Action/Adventure

The powerful conclusion to the Lovecraftian horror has arrived! The minions of dread Cthulhu are washing over the town and threaten to pull the innocent people into their hellish depths. Can even the legendary swordsman, Zorro, find a way to close the portal to the Old Gods before grueling slithering doom is unleashed upon an unsuspecting land? Swashbuckling adventure meets Lovecraftian terror in a series that pits Zorro against the unrelenting hordes of Cthulhu. Zorro Rise of the Old Gods #4 is available with two covers - Main Cover by Puis Calzada and a Limited Edition 1/350 Pulp cover also by Calzada! (W) Jason Pell (A/CA) Puis Calzada

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