Uncle Scrooge #47 Cvr A Mazzarello

Uncle Scrooge #47 Cvr A Mazzarello [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Frederico Franzo
Cover artist : Marco Mazzarello
Writer : Vito Stabile


Family : Disney
Genre : Action/Adventure

Part one of an exciting four-part story begins in this issue as Uncle Scrooge finds his beloved Money Bin under attack! The Beagle Boys are planning the ultimate heist in an attempt to finally get their hands on Scrooge's treasures, but thanks to Gyro Gearloose's newest invention, they'll have a harder time than usual getting through Scrooge's security. Or, at least, that's what Scrooge hopes will happen! But as usual, things don't go quite to plan, and something completely unexpected happens... Find out what in the first chapter of the four part 'Under Siege'! Collect all three connecting covers from issues #47-49!"(W) Vito Stabile, Pietro B Zemelo (A) Frederico Franzo (CA) Marco Mazzarello

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