Tv Usa An Atlas For Channel Surfers Hc

Tv Usa An Atlas For Channel Surfers Hc

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Artist : Kavel Rafferty
Cover artist : Na
Writer : Robb Pearlman


Publisher : UNIVERSE

For more than 75 years, television shows have used their fictional or real settings as major characters. When you think of shows like Seinfeld, E.R., The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and The Golden Girls you can't not think of New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Miami. From comedies to dramedies to dramas, every state in the union (and Washington, D.C.) can claim a show (or two or dozens) as their own. TV USA is the first ever fully illustrated atlas of the in-world restaurants, businesses, and notable locations featured in everyone's favorite television shows. Readers will embark on a fully illustrated pop culture road trip from sea to televised sea."(W) Robb Pearlman (A) Kavel Rafferty

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