Turok #2 Cvr B Guice

Turok #2 Cvr B Guice [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Roberto Castro
Cover artist : Butch Guice
Writer : Ron Marz


Family : Video Game/Software Tie-in
Genre : Horror
Publisher : D. E.

Turok and Andar pierce the veil and find themselves out of time, literally, in the Lost Valley! The Kiowa warriors are surrounded by hungry dinosaurs, and their only possible allies are the cavalry soldiers sworn to capture them. But all is not as it seems in the time-lost land, and the key to solving the mystery might well be the shadowy bounty hunter dogging Turok's trail. Dino doings from Ron Marz and Roberto Castro!. (W) Ron Marz (A) Roberto Castro (CA) Butch Guice

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