Tales From The Dark Multiverse The Judas Contract #1

Tales From The Dark Multiverse The Judas Contract #1

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Artist : Tom Raney
Cover artist : Lee Weeks
Writer : Kyle Higgins


Family : DC Universe
Genre : Superhero
Publisher : DC COMICS

The Dark Multiverse reimagines one of the most renowned stories in comic book history, 'The Judas Contract'! In this shocking tale, Terra's betrayal starts not with the Teen Titans, but with Deathstroke himself! Now, free from her mentor's influence and supercharged by the same serum that turned Slade Wilson into the world's deadliest man, Tara Markov will forge a new destiny, written in the Teen Titans' blood."(W) Kyle Higgins, Matt Groom (A) Tom Raney (CA) Lee Weeks

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