Strange Tales #158 - 7.0 - $96.00

Strange Tales #158 - 7.0 - $96.00


Approximate grade : 7.0
Publisher : Marvel
Series code : BI824
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Strange Tales 1951

first full living tribunal

The battle between Fury & Strucker rages until Fury manages to remove his Satan glove. Minutes later, as HYDRA thugs enter the room, they discover 2 Strucker's! One of them is revealed to be wearing a mask, panics, and is incinerated in an Alpha-Particle Reactor Cube. The other orders Laura put aboard the Dyna-Soar and takes off from Hydra Island, despite the imminent detonation of The Death Spore bomb. Fury had used Strucker's device to disguise himself and Strucker. It detonates, and thanks to the impenetrable dome, only Hydra Island and all within are wiped off the face of the Earth!

The Living Tribunal decrees that because Strange has unleashed a menace to the cosmos Earth must be destroyed. Before he recites the Incantation of Oblivion he recounts events leading up to his decision, agreed upon by his 3 faces of Equity, Revenge & Necessity. Strange challenges the Tribunal to let him deal with the menace, having defeated the forces of darkness in the past. Strange is granted a reprieve for as long as it takes the Sands of Death to run out of a mystic Hourglass resting in the middle of Stonehenge. Strange departs wondering if he will be able to succeed in time.

  • The Sands of Death! - Possible Severin colors per Nick Caputo, who notes that Marie has mentioned in interviews that she usually colored most of the work she drew. Previous indexer credited Stan Goldberg. Possible Trimpe inks per Nick Caputo. previous indexer credited Bill Everett or Marie Severin.
  • Final Encounter! - Part 9 of 9. Although HYDRA's leader and main base were destroyed, their branch organization, A.I.M., resurfaced the following month against Captain America in TALES OF SUSPENSE #92 (August 1967). HYDRA returned in CAPTAIN AMERICA #110 (February 1969). Baron Strucker reappeared without explanation in the guise of "The Hood" in CAPTAIN AMERICA #131 (November 1970); later revealed to be a robot in CAPTAIN AMERICA #247 (July 1980). Baron Strucker remained dead for 24 years, until he was brought back to life in NICK FURY, AGENT OF S.H.I.E.L.D. #20 (February 1991). HYDRA's formation by Baron Strucker was explained in flashback in CAPTAIN SAVAGE #2-4 (March-July 1968). In the introduction to Marvel Masterworks: Nick Fury Agent of Shield Volume 2 Steranko says he took over the color chores with Strange Tales # 165 although the earlier checklist in Comic Book Marketplace # 28, October 1995, credits him with coloring beginning with # 157.
  • More Mixed-Up Madness from Marvel's Mighty Masters of Mysticism, Magnificence, and Misinformation! - Items; Stan's Soapbox; The Mighty Marvel Checklist; house ad for Not Brand Echh #1.
  • The Sands of Death - Part 12 of 22; part 1 of the Living Tribunal sequence.
  • - Letters of comment from Jose Medina; Larry Good;Michael Esterson and future Marvel writer Bill Mantlo. Also includes Merry Marvel Marching Society info and coupon, as well as 26 more MMMS members.

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