Starcadia Quest #3 Cvr A Mazzara (Of 3)

Starcadia Quest #3 Cvr A Mazzara (Of 3) [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Aurelio Mazzara
Cover artist : Aurelio Mazzara
Writer : James Roberts



Everything's going right for Starkid and the Solaris crew's first QWST! They're on the wrong planet, doing a totally unrelated mission, surrounded by robots, and a massive armada led by the Starcadia Alliance's worst enemy just showed up-which actually kinda works out great! Well... if they live through all those bad parts! The hilarious and action-packed QWST concludes! * A new YA science-fiction epic written by James Roberts (Transformers: More Than Meets the Eye, Transformers: Lost Light)! * Based on the hit board game from CMON Games! * Robots and space armadas and teddy bears, oh my! "(W) James Roberts (A/CA) Aurelio Mazzara

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