Spider-Gwen Tp Vol 06 Life And Times Gwen Stacy

Spider-Gwen Tp Vol 06 Life And Times Gwen Stacy [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Robbi Rodriguez
Cover artist : Robbi Rodriguez
Writer : Jason Latour


Family : Spider-Man
Genre : Superhero

To defeat Matt Murdock, the Kingpin of her dimension, Gwen Stacy must let Venom win! But there's a problem: If Murdock dies, then so does Gwen! But that's the least of her worries, as Gwen has found herself on a one-way road into darkness after recent events. And the only one who can help her find her way back to the light is Gwen Stacy. Is the universe trying to save her, or does fate only hold one end for Gwen? And will the drastic move of going public with her double identity fix the timeline - and more important, get Gwen out from under the Kingpin's thumb? Or will it just add one more layer of complication to Gwen's already impossible life? Find out as our spectacular hero stands trial - with everything at stake! Collecting SPIDER-GWEN (2015B) #30-34. Rated T "(W) Jason Latour (A/CA) Robbi Rodriguez

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