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Spawn #309 Cvr B Mcfarlane [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Ken Lashley
Cover artist : Todd McFarlane
Writer : Todd McFarlane


Family : Spawn (Todd McFarlane)
Foc : 20200802
Genre : Superhero
Publisher : IMAGE COMICS

NEW STORY ARC Introducing new series artist KEN LASHLEY (X-Men, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man). 'CONSEQUENCE OF SIN,' Part One TODD McFARLANE and KEN LASHLEY continue to expand the SPAWN Universe. With the future in doubt and Medieval Spawn's legacy in question, Spawn, She-Spawn, and Reaper go on the offensive. But a long-time ally has shown his true colors, and Cogliostro rallies an army and a deadly new recruit…GUNSLINGER SPAWN. (W) Todd McFarlane (A) Ken Lashley (CA) Todd McFarlane

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