Sooner Or Later Gn

Sooner Or Later Gn

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Artist : Brendan McCarthy
Cover artist : Brendan McCarthy
Writer : Peter Milligan


Genre : Science Fiction
Publisher : REBELLION / 2000AD

1986. Thatcher's Britain. The financial 'big bang' saw the rich get richer. riots errupt in prisons across the country. and Micky Swift is still on the dole! Disillusioned with his dour existence in dreary Camden, Micky's life is suddenly turned inside out, when he is plucked from the present and dragged into the 30th century as the property of one Mr. and Mrs. Katsbreath - a case of mistaken identity. Unwanted, trapped in the future and still unemployable, If Micky wants to return home (time travel isn't cheap you know!), sooner or later he will need to find a job!(W) Peter Milligan (A/CA) Brendan McCarthy

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