Sim City #1 Dave To Kill For

Sim City #1 Dave To Kill For [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Benjamin Hobbs
Cover artist : Bob Hobbs
Writer : Dave Sim



Now with no reprints! Epic-length all-in-one 24-page issue! 29% new art! Waves of heavily-armed Spartans pouring out of the Santa Monica Mountains onto the northbound collector lanes of Highway 405; equally heavily-armed Persians streaming south from the vicinity of Van Nuys Airport. And what's up with all the little-flesh colored band-aids on Cerebus' face? Thrill to the off-panel Battle of the San Fernando Valley! Snore through the 9-volt electric battery powered motorcycle chase between Cerebus and King Leonidas! Try to guess whose surprise 100th birthday party it's all leading up to! (hint) Ayn Rand, Joe Gill, and Ray Gill are among the celebrity-studded guest list. . (W) Dave Sim (A) Benjamin Hobbs (CA) Bob Hobbs, Gary Boyarski

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