Silver Cerebus One Shot

Silver Cerebus One Shot [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Dave Sim
Cover artist : Benjamin Hobbs
Writer : Dave Sim


Genre : Humor

'The Secret Origin of The Silver Cerebus!' Meet Lone S. Kum, CEO of Telsa Motors and #1 Elon Musk fanboy (who can't wait to crush Musk 'like the outmoded neo-Luddite insect he has become' and dominate the Interplanetary Submersible Balance-Board Buoyancy Space!) and who uses his 'special' touch to get himself elected Supreme Commander of the Electrical Grid Fairies! Inventor of FACEBOT365! Sponsored by Online Revisionist Mongoloid Contrarians For A Better Past! He sells his electric vehicles exclusively through Sony Playstation 4 Gift Cards! Watch as this Industrial Genius pries the secret of the ALTERNATIVE! ANIMAL! REAL! GRID! out of the Electrical Grid Fairies! We shall not see the like of Lone S. Kum, The Silver Cerebus, again in our lifetimes!"(W) Dave Sim (A) Dave Sim & Various (CA) Benjamin Hobbs, David Birdsong

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