Seven Soldiers By Grant Morrison Omnibus Hc

Seven Soldiers By Grant Morrison Omnibus Hc

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Artist : J. H. Williams
Cover artist : J. H. Williams
Writer : Grant Morrison


Family : DC Universe
Genre : Superhero
Publisher : DC COMICS

Grant Morrison's epic tale starring the Shining Knight, the Guardian, Zatanna, Bulleteer, Frankenstein, Mister Miracle and Klarion the Witch-Boy is collected in one massive volume for the first time! These reluctant champions must work together to save the world from the insidious threat of the invading Sheeda warriors! Collects SEVEN SOLDIERS #0-1, SHINING KNIGHT #1-4, GUARDIAN #1-4, ZATANNA #1-4, KLARION #1-4, MISTER MIRACLE #1-4, BULLETEER #1-4 and FRANKENSTEIN #1-4."(W) Grant Morrison (A) J. H. Williams & Various (CA) J. H. Williams

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