Seedless Ogn

Seedless Ogn

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Artist : Corey Lewis
Cover artist : Corey Lewis
Writer : Corey Lewis


Family : Image Comic
Publisher : IMAGE COMICS

Harmony Treblecleff may be the daughter of an eccentric inventor, but she thought she led a pretty normal life. Normal, that is, until the grapes she grabbed from the kitchen suddenly came to life! Suddenly, Harmony is being attacked by a rogue Grape Tyrant from a distant planet (aptly named 'Crazy') and his many tiny minions. Her only hope is the intervention of a new special breed of heroic grape warriors - ones that are SEEDLESS! Join Harmony as she teams up with her new alien grape pals - Funky, Pulse, Dash & Snap - as they ride jetpacks into the jungle, do battle with electric sabretooths, and reclaim their special robo-weapons called ROBOSTOMPS. RETAILER WARNING: MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL AGES! "(W/A/CA) Corey Lewis"

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