Samurai Tp Vol 02 Brothers In Arms

Samurai Tp Vol 02 Brothers In Arms

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Artist : Frédéric Genet
Writer : Jean-François Di Giorgio


Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : TITAN COMICS

N IMPERIAL JAPAN, IT TAKES STRENGTH AND COURAGE TO BECOME A WARRIOR... TO BECOME A SAMURAI. Now reunited, Takeo and his brother face a difficult path - tracing their painful family history, so that they may finally regain their honor! But destiny has even more obstacles in store for them...When the peaceful town where they have come to rest is plunged into a deadly conflict between the local suzerain, the Ishozu monks and the yakuzas, the Samurai brothers must once again draw their swords! With the secrets of the kingdom's most powerful men hanging in the balance, is this a fight they can ever win?? "(W) Jean-Franois Di Giorgio (A) Frdric Genet"

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