Rumble Tp Vol 04 Soul Without Pity

Rumble Tp Vol 04 Soul Without Pity [ More from this series ]

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Artist : David Rubin
Cover artist : David Rubin
Writer : John Arcudi


Family : Image Comic
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : IMAGE COMICS

Much to Bobby and Timah's horror, Rathraq the scarecrow warrior god has just crossed over from champion of the weak to bloodthirsty savage. Meanwhile, the newly formed Human Liberation Front decides to start its own war on the Esu monsters lurking in the city - with shocking results! A new direction for RUMBLE by writer JOHN ARCUDI (Hellboy and the BPRD, Dead Inside) and new artist, rising superstar DAVID RUBN (Black Hammer, BEOWULF). Collects RUMBLE #1-5."(W) John Arcudi (A/CA) David Rubin

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