Robin Year One Deluxe Edition Hc

Robin Year One Deluxe Edition Hc

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Artist : Javier Pulido
Cover artist : Javier Pulido
Writer : Chuck Dixon


Family : Batman
Genre : Superhero
Gift guide : For the Unabashed and Unashamed Chuck Dixon Heads
Publisher : DC COMICS
Staff pick : Justin

Taking place after the events of BATMAN: DARK VICTORY, this epic tale recounts the beginning of Dick Grayson's career as Robin, the Boy Wonder. The devious Two-Face is very interested in recent reports that Batman now has a teenage sidekick. Indeed, Bruce Wayne has taken young Dick Grayson under his tutelage as Robin the Boy Wonder! Alfred Pennyworth is unsure if the inclusion of Dick Grayson into Batman's nightly adventures might not end up in a disaster, but the butler cannot deny the positive influence the lighthearted boy has on his master Bruce Wayne. Collects ROBIN: YEAR ONE #1-4."(W) Chuck Dixon, Scott Beatty (A) Javier Pulido & Various (CA) Javier Pulido

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