Reds Planet Gn Vol 01

Reds Planet Gn Vol 01 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Eddie Pittman
Cover artist : Eddie Pittman
Writer : Eddie Pittman


Family : For Young Readers
Genre : Science Fiction
Publisher : AMULET BOOKS

Meet Red, a quirky, headstrong 10-year-old who longs to live in her own perfect paradise far away from her annoying foster family. But when a UFO mistakenly kidnaps her, Red finds herself farther away than she could have possibly imagined - across the galaxy and aboard an enormous spaceship owned by the Aquilari. Before Red can be discovered as a stowaway, the great ship crashes on a small deserted planet, leaving her marooned with a menagerie of misfit aliens. With her newfound friend, a small gray alien named Tawee, Red must find a way to survive the hostile castaways, evade the ravenous wildlife, and contend with Goose, the planet's grumpy, felinoid custodian."(W/A/CA) Eddie Pittman

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