Read Only Memories #1 10 Copy Incv Smart

Read Only Memories #1 10 Copy Incv Smart [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Stefano Simeone
Cover artist : Stefano Simeone
Writer : Sina Grace


Genre : Science Fiction

Based on the hit game 2064: Read Only Memories, enter a cyberpunk universe like you've never seen it before! Santa Cruz, California. A beach town just 50 miles from Neo-San Francisco. Lexi Rivers, former detective with the Neo-San Francisco Police Department, has left the big city lights behind in favor of opening her own agency. Valentine's Day. A time for celebrating love-or finding it. When a robot's human lover goes missing, Lexi will be faced with a case unlike any she's tackled yet, one which just might show her that not all is as it seems in this pleasant beachside community..."(W) Sina Grace (A/CA) Stefano Simeone

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