Ranma 1/2 2In1 Tp Vol 02

Ranma 1/2 2In1 Tp Vol 02 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Rumiko Takahashi
Cover artist : Rumiko Takahashi
Writer : Rumiko Takahashi


Family : Manga
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : VIZ MEDIA LLC

Contains volumes 3 and 4! Being a martial artist, Ranma just can't resist the call to combat and takes on one opponent after another: Ryoga, a lone-wolf fighter with no sense of direction; Shampoo, a Chinese Amazon who has pledged to kill him; and finally Shampoo's suitor Mousse, a martial arts master of hidden weapons. Is there such a thing as TOO much fighting spirit?. (W/A/CA) Rumiko Takahashi

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