Queen & Country Definitive Ed Tp Vol 01

Queen & Country Definitive Ed Tp Vol 01 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Steve Rolston
Cover artist : Tim Sale
Writer : Greg Rucka


Genre : Action/Adventure
Publisher : ONI PRESS INC.

Queen & Country, the Eisner Award-winning and critically lauded espionage series from acclaimed novelist and comic book author Greg Rucka, is back in a new series of definitive editions collecting the entire classic series in just four affordable soft covers. In this first collection, readers are introduced to the thrilling and often-times devastating world of international espionage as SIS field agent Tara Chase is sent all over the world in service to her Queen & Country, while Director of Operations Paul Crocker walks a narrow tightrope between his loyalty to his people and the political masters that must be served! Collects the first three volumes (first 12 issues) of the series! "(W) Greg Rucka (A) Steve Rolston & Various (CA) Tim Sale"

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