Prince Valiant Hc Vol 17 1969-1970

Prince Valiant Hc Vol 17 1969-1970 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Hal Foster
Cover artist : Hal Foster
Writer : Hal Foster


Genre : Action/Adventure

After his long sojourn in the Mediterranean, Prince Valiant is back in Britain, where he takes on a new, intricate mission on behalf of King Arthur. Here, Valiant finds himself in the middle of a conflict between Saxon settlers and violent Viking raiders. Gawain's return journey to Camelot is fraught with misadventure as he is beset by jealous romantic rivals, a marriage-minded widow and a thieving sorcerer. Young Galan goes on a hunt to capture the fabled unicorn, and Arn, after losing his horse in a Welsh bog, is enslaved and held for ransom."(W/A/CA) Hal Foster

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