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Plunge #1 (of 6) [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Stuart Immonen
Cover artist : Jeremy Wilson
Writer : Joe Hill


Expected release date : 2020-2-19
Family : DC Universe
Genre : Horror
Publisher : DC COMICS

In the aftermath of a devastating tsunami, an exploration vessel known as the Derleth begins sending an automated distress signal from a remote atoll in the Bering Strait. The only problem is that the Derleth has been missing for 40 years. Marine biologist Moriah Lamb joins the Carpenter Salvage team to recover the Derleth's dead...only to find that in this remote part of the Arctic Circle the dead have plenty to say to the living...Joe Hill and Stuart Immonen's Plunge into terror begins here!"(W) Joe Hill (A) Stuart Immonen (CA) Jeremy Wilson

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