Pizzeria Kamikaze Original Gn Hc
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Pizzeria Kamikaze Original Gn Hc

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Artist : Asaf Hanuka
Cover artist : Asaf Hanuka
Writer : Etgar Keret


Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : BOOM! STUDIOS

Presented for the first time in full color, award-winning writer Etgar Keret (The Seven Good Years) and Eisner Award-winning cartoonist Asaf Hanuka's (The Realist) powerful graphic novel, Pizzeria Kamikaze, is a most unexpected story of love, loss, and escape. Mordy wanted to get away. Now condemned to an afterlife exclusively for all victims of suicide, he still has to attend a crappy job in a place no less crappy than the place he came from. When he discovers that his beloved ex-girlfriend is there too, he embarks on much needed road trip through an absurdist and fantastical landscape to find her. 'Pizzeria Kamikaze stays light-hearted without being funny and is morbid without employing despair. Recommended.' - Library Journal '...has an offbeat, absurdist charm that turns a potentially creepy conceit into an odd, touching adventure.' - The New York Times "(W) Etgar Keret (A/CA) Asaf Hanuka"

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