Paradiso Tp Vol 01 Essential Singularity

Paradiso Tp Vol 01 Essential Singularity [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Dev Pramanik
Cover artist : Dev Pramanik
Writer : Ram V.


Family : Image Comic
Genre : Science Fiction
Publisher : IMAGE COMICS

A cataclysmic event, now remembered only as 'The Midnight,' led to the collapse of civilization. Now, centuries after, the remnant of a mega-city named Paradiso is the only place on Earth where humanity still thrives. When Jack Kryznan arrives at the outskirts with a mysterious device capable of bringing dead technology to life, he sets off a power struggle that threatens to embroil the human settlers, bionic creatures known as Guardians, and Paradiso herself. Jack and his companions will begin their journey of self-discovery through this living city even as the city itself strives to understand what it means to be alive. Collects PARADISO #1-4."(W) Ram V. (A/CA) Dev Pramanik

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