Palookaville Hc Vol 22

Palookaville Hc Vol 22 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Seth
Cover artist : Seth
Writer : Seth


Genre : Reality-Based

This installment of Seth's critically acclaimed one-man anthology features an autobiographical comic about Seth's childhood, part four of his long-running Clyde Fans serial, a photo essay about a barbershop he designed, and a comic strip about the art of barbering. 'Nothing Lasts' revisits Seth's childhood in 1960s Ontario, with a special focus on the salvation that he found in library books and drug-store comics. The Clyde Fans chapter included here shows the conclusion of brothers Abe and Simon Matchcard's first lengthy conversation, and Abe's pensive, self-questioning mood as he drives back to Dominion to meet up with his old flame, Alice. "(W/A/CA) Seth"

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