Northlanders Tp Book 02 The Icelandic Saga

Northlanders Tp Book 02 The Icelandic Saga [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Davide Gianfelice
Cover artist : Massimo Carnevale
Writer : Brian Wood


Publisher : DC COMICS

In these stories from NORTHLANDERS #20, 29, 35-36 and 42-50, Sven of Orkney comes face-to-face with his own mythology, a daring man named Dag becomes the first man ever to turn his Viking boat West, an old Icelandic fisherman discovers the body of a young girl embedded in the ice and the Hauksson family builds a powerful crime empire on Iceland only to clash with the rising Church. (W) Brian Wood (A) Davide Gianfelice & Various (CA) Massimo Carnevale

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