Neil Gaimans & Charles Vess Stardust Tp New Ed

Neil Gaimans & Charles Vess Stardust Tp New Ed

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Artist : Charles Vess
Cover artist : Charles Vess
Writer : Neil Gaiman


Family : Vertigo
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : DC COMICS

In a Victorian-era tale of magic and romance, young Tristran Thorn falls in love with the town beauty and must go on an incredible coming-of-age journey in order to capture her heart. Living in the small countryside town of Wall, one night Tristran vows to his beloved to retrieve a fallen star that they witnessed crashing down from the heavens. Now, to gain his love's hand, he must leave behind his home and embark on a journey that will define the meaning of true love. Told through breathtaking painted illustrations, this fairy tale for adults is a true masterpiece in storytelling."(W) Neil Gaiman (A/CA) Charles Vess

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