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MMW MIGHTY THOR HC VOL 20 DM VAR ED 304 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Keith Pollard
Cover artist : Keith Pollard
Writer : Mark Gruenwald


Expected release date : 2021-4-21
Family : Marvel Heroes
Foc : 20201123
Genre : Superhero

With writer Doug Moench behind the helm, Thor returns to Midgard (A.K.A. Earth) - but there's no getting comfortable for the God of Thunder as he soon discovers heavies like the Wrecking Crew, Mephisto and Galactus' heralds Firelord and Gabriel all ready and waiting to take him on! And even when Thor finally does get time for a well-earned rest, he finds himself haunted with visions of the dream demon! But why is All-Father Odin putting Thor on trial? Plus: X-Men scribe Chris Claremont delivers a supersize battle against the dread Dormammu, while Mark Gruenwald and Ralph Macchio provide a fresh set of Tales of Asgard! Lift Mjolnir high - this is a Masterworks fit for the Realm Eternal! Collecting THOR (1966) #303-314 and ANNUAL #9. Rated T (W) Mark Gruenwald & Various (A) Keith Pollard & Various (CA) Keith Pollard

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