Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars (1984)  #8 Issue 8 cover

Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars (1984) #8


Approximate grade : 8.5
Genre : superhero
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Marvel Super Heroes Secret Wars (1984) back issues
Marvel Super-Heroes Secret Wars #8
First venom symbiote black costume.
The heroes invade the bad guys' base in retaliation for the death of the Wasp. They soundly trounce the bad guys and capture most of them. As they return to their base with a badly wounded She-Hulk, they discover that Wasp is not dead but was healed by Zsaji. When Spidey notices that Thor's costume has been restored, he is directed to a machine that spits out a small black ball which quickly covers him and becomes his new costume. Xavier contacts the heroes and tells them that Galactus has begun to eat Battleworld.

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