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Lumberjanes #64 Cvr B Preorder Chau Var [ More from this series ]

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Artist : AnneMarie Rogers
Cover artist : Chan Chau
Writer : Shannon Watters


Family : For Young Readers
Genre : For Young Readers
Genre : Humor
Publisher : BOOM! STUDIOS

Having lost their magical, portal-spotting spyglass (borrowed from Bear-Woman, natch), April, Jo, Ripley, Molly and Mal are stuck in the Land of Lost Things for the foreseeable future! Surrounded by dinos and other dangerous critters and with the snow piling up around them, Mal is beating herself up for getting them in this mess in the first place... but can she come up with a plan to redeem herself, and get them all back home to summertime and the (relative) safety of the Lumberjanes Camp?"(W) Shannon Watters, Kat Leyh (A) AnneMarie Rogers (CA) Chan Chau

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