Lola Xoxo Vol 3 #3 Cvr C Retailer Var Oum

Lola Xoxo Vol 3 #3 Cvr C Retailer Var Oum [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Siya Oum
Cover artist : Siya Oum
Writer : Siya Oum


Genre : Action/Adventure
Publisher : ASPEN MLT INC

It's mayhem in The Wasteland as Siya Oum's best-selling Lola XOXO has reached its pivotal third volume! The struggle of rebuilding a civilization begins to take its toll on both sides, as The Divide's citizens begin to raise suspicions about their idyllic society's hidden agenda. Meanwhile, Lola's time spent with the children at Yellowstone lead to her questioning her own maternal instincts. Meanwhile, Rega makes a power play of her own that most likely will spell doom for all parties! Superstar creator Siya Oum provides a thrilling adventure with her riveting story and gorgeous illustrations for this climactic Lola XOXO Volume 3!"(W/A/CA) Siya Oum

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