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Linsner Dawn Trading Cards Box

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Cover artist : Joseph Michael Linsner


Expected release date : 2020-5-6
Foc : 20201123
Genre : Horror
Publisher : DYNAMITE

Joseph Michael Linsner's Dawn celebrates her 30th Anniversary with a special new Dynamite series of deluxe trading cards! The lavish art showcases 30 years of glorious Dawn masterpieces! First published in 1989, Linsner's 'Cry for Dawn' #1 introduced the Earth goddess who would star in four fan-favorite miniseries. This exquisite set of cards captures Linsner's depiction of Dawn over three decades. A must for art lovers and fans of this talented artist's work! One Linsner signed card is guaranteed in every pack! This set is a collector's dream and includes an 18-card base set, PLUS Dynamite chase cards that include: 6 signed cards, 12 Line Art cards, 9-card puzzle cards, 2-box-topper special cards, and thousands of one-of-a-kind hand drawn original art signed sketch cards. Every signed card features a color ink or ultra-rare, gold ink signature! Every individual foil-pack is enhanced packaged in a colorful mini-box and includes 2 Base Cards, 2 Signed Sketch Cards, 1 Line Art Card, 1 Puzzle Card, and 1 Signed Card. Every specially designed, 4-color Display Case includes 12 mini-box foil-packs, 2 box topper cards and 1 Joseph Michael Linsner one-of-a-kind hand drawn original signed sketch card! Featuring original sketch card art from; Joseph Michael Linsner, Kristina Deak-Linsner, Ken Haeser, Jin Wicked, Mai Irving, Celina Hernandez, Sanna U, Huy Truong, Mark Stroud, April Reyna, Timothy Levandoski, Ashley March, Bianca, Benjamin Lambert, Tracy Medina, Kat Larange, Jason Flowers, Kür?at Çetiner, Nick Caponi, William Russel, Elias Gambit, Christopher Herndon, Zach Woolsey, Marcia Dye, and many, many others. Complete set will include: - 18 Color Photo Base Cards (2 per pack) - 12 Line Art Cards (1 per pack) - 9 Card Art Puzzle (1 per pack) - 6 Signed Cards (1 per pack) - Thousands of signed Color Sketch Cards (2 per pack) - Mini-Box-Foil-Packs - 7 cards / Display Case - 12 packs (CA) Joseph Michael Linsner

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