Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #2 (of 9) - Comics

Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #2 (of 9) [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Mico Suayan
Cover artist : Francesco Mattina
Writer : Kami Garcia


Expected release date : 2019-11-6
Family : DC Universe
Genre : Superhero
Publisher : DC COMICS

Jim Gordon and the GCPD have turned to profiler Harley Quinn for assistance. She's intrigued by the level of care and detail this new, depraved serial killer is putting into his crime scenes; there must be clues to his pathology in his artful staging. His level of meticulous preparation is unusual, but will it lead to or help delay his capture? "(W) Kami Garcia (A) Mico Suayan, Mike Mayhew (CA) Francesco Mattina

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