Jim Henson Storyteller Ghosts #1 Cvr A Walsh (of 4) - Comics

Jim Henson Storyteller Ghosts #1 Cvr A Walsh (of 4) [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Mark Laszlo
Cover artist : Michael Walsh
Writer : Mark Laszlo


Expected release date : 2020-3-11
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : BOOM! STUDIOS

Within Scandanavian folklore, there exists a vengeful ghost known as a Myling. A man traveling at night comes across a haunting cry from within the forest. He enters it to find a spirit who demands to be carried to its proper burial site. The man agrees, but as he travels forth, the spirit's grip tightens... it grows in size...and the man's gait slows. Can he unburden himself of this terrifying weight before it brings him down for good?"(W/A) Mark Laszlo (CA) Michael Walsh

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