Jim Henson Dark Crystal Age Resistance #5 Cvr A Finden

Jim Henson Dark Crystal Age Resistance #5 Cvr A Finden [ More from this series ]

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Artist : French Carlomagno
Cover artist : Mona Finden
Writer : Adam Cesare


Family : Movie/TV Tie-in
Genre : Fantasy
Publisher : BOOM! STUDIOS

An all-new arc spotlighting Hup, the heroic Podling from Netflix's The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Introducing a new creative team of writer Adam Cesare and artist French Carlomagno (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.) Hup is a Podling cook who dreams of being a Paladin. When the chivalrous bard Barfinnious comes to Hup's village with tales of former glory, Hup leaves his small town to follow him. But the longer they travel, the more Hup begins to doubt that Barfinnious is truly who he says he is."(W) Adam Cesare (A) French Carlomagno (CA) Mona Finden

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