Infinite Crisis #5 Jim Lee / Sandra Hope Cover - 9.4 - $33.00

Infinite Crisis #5 Jim Lee / Sandra Hope Cover - 9.4 - $33.00


Approximate grade : 9.4
Publisher : DC
Series code : BI14741
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Infinite Crisis 2005

First Jamie Reyes as Blue Beetle

Alex succeeds in his plan to restore the old multiverse, and most of Earth's heroes are sent to a version of Earth-2, albeit uninhabited, while others are sent to their respective Earths that once existed pre-Crisis in the same condition as Earth-2. As both Supermen fight each other on Earth-2, due to the older Superman blaming the younger one for his wife's death, the pre-Crisis Wonder Woman contacts Diana and warns her to stop the fight as she begins to fade from existence due to her godly powers post-Crisis waning.

News blurbs cover: Ion; Supergirl & Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes; Green Lantern Corps; One Year Later

Solicitation information for the "1 Year Later" story arcs and "Crisis Aftermath" series.

  • Faith - Death of Lois Lane-Kent (pre-Crisis Earth-2); last true appearance of pre-Crisis Earth-2 Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor (cameo). Of other note, it seems that Flamebird [Bette Kane] is now from pre-Crisis history Earth-2, given her appearance on the restored Earth-2 alongside the other heroes who were there.
  • Eye on Ion - Hot List: Batman 650; Infinite Crisis 5; Justice 4
  • Various - [inside front] DC HeroClix; [5] Ratchet Deadlocked; [7] The Bartimaeus Trilogy by Johnathan Stroud; [11] The Hills Have Eyes; [20] In house -- DC Direct Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder state; [28] In house -- Red Sonja/Claw: Devil's Hands; [30] In house -- Batman: Secrets; [38] In house -- DC Direct Alex Ross Justice League action figures; [inside back] got milk?; [back] (PSA)

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