Flash #197 Direct Sales - 9.4 - $55.00

Flash #197 Direct Sales - 9.4 - $55.00


Approximate grade : 9.4
Publisher : DC
Series code : BI3358
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Flash 1987

1st app. of Zoom

As Hunter Zolomon recovers from the explosion of the Cosmic Treadmill, he reviews the events of his life and how he got to this position. But when he can't get the attention of his nurse, Zolomon discovers his legs work again...and much more.

[Inside front cover] Everquest Online; [5] Juicy Fruit; [8] Zelda: The Wind Waker sweepstakes; [9] Zelda: The Wind Waker; [11] Bulletproof Monk (movie); [13] Verb (PSA); [17] Kung Fu Chaos (game); [18-19] auto modellista; [20] Batman: The Animated Series & Superfriends DVDs; [23] The Anti-Drug (PSA); [25] Justice League (DVD); [26] Super Hero Month Sweepstakes; [31] Golden Sun; [Inside back cover] U.S. Navy; [Back cover] got milk?

  • Blitz: The Origin of Zoom! - Letters credit from Todd Klein via http://kleinletters.com/.
  • [Blitz, Part 1:] Rogue Profile: Zoom - Origin and transformation of Hunter Zolomon into Zoom. First appearance of Ashley Zolomon.

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