Double Secret Gn Vol 01

Double Secret Gn Vol 01 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Kojima Miu
Cover artist : Kojima Miu
Writer : Kojima Miu


Family : Manga
Genre : Adult
Publisher : FAKKU BOOKS

Love is sometimes complicated and The Double Secret is a real tangled web of a romance. Everyone in Mika's life has a secret that they're hiding from each other. Along with Natsuki, her best friend and burgeoning femboy are secretly sleeping with her step-father. Meanwhile, Mika's mom has no clue to what's going on, but she is a few secrets of her own. What started as an illicit affair between the three has spiraled into something so chaotic that only another secret between Mika and Natsuki can solve it all. The Double Secret by Kojima Miu is a first for Fakku Books, as it features our first foray into crossdressing, femboys, and LBGT elements. Working since the early 2000s, Miu illustrates a style that invokes a feel of classic 80's manga art. Kui's art has been featured in monthly magazines Comic KURiBERON DUMA, Magazine WOoooo! B Gumi and others. "(W/A/CA) Kojima Miu

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