Dick Tracy #66 - 7.5 - $66.00

Dick Tracy #66 - 7.5 - $66.00


Approximate grade : 7.5
Publisher : Harvey
Series code : BI11621
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Dick Tracy 1950

What a cover! Classic Dick Tracy comic. Smells slightly musty.

A young takes art courses so she can get a better-paying job.

Angered over the death of his brother, Flattop, Blowtop rigs explosives to the wiring outside Tracy's house. He drugs Tracy's dog, Mugg. While Tracy takes Mugg to the veterinarian, Blowtop makes the final attachments to the explosives, and his gang returns at night to make sure everything will work as planned. Junior spots them from his bedroom window, but they trap him and put him inside a barrel. Tracy and Tess barely escape when the dynamite explodes and sets fire to their house. Tracy believes that Junior was caught in the explosion and flames.

Ad for a children's communications toy.

Pud and the gang use Dubble Bubble to help them walk through a tough neighborhood.

Ad to persuade readers to sell religious mottos to earn prizes.

Ad for various Harvey Comics currently on sale.

Ad for a mail-order body building course.

Joe Palooka helps a group of kids form an air rifle safety club.

Blowtop and his men seal Junior in a barrel and send it rolling slowly toward a 250-foot drop into an abandoned quarry. As they leave, they pass a patrol car. The patrolmen report the incident to Tracy. The barrel holding Junior is stopped by a turtle, and Tracy and Sam arrive at the quarry just in time to keep Junior from rolling off the edge of a cliff. Blowtop is having little luck fencing stolen cash and hides in a hotel. Vitamin Flintheart unknowingly enters the room, thinking it's his own. Believing Blowtop to be a rich investor, Vitamin talks him into producing a play.

Caine and Nesser solve the murder of a gypsy fortune-teller.

Subscription ad for Dick Tracy Comics Monthly.

Myra solves the murder of one of Glenn's clients.

Inspector Kennedy solves a murder.

Generic house ad for Rags Rabbit Commics.

Boris solves a locked-room murder.

Ad for a miniature garden with live plants and a turtle.

Ad for free stamps plus a booklet on stamp collecting.

Ad for five different models of Daisy Air Rifles plus a booklet with instructions for organizing an air rifle safety club.

Ad for Schwinn Bicycles, spotlighting the Schwinn Traveler.

  • - Cover illustration is also used as the splash panel for the first story.
  • I Wanted to Be an Artist - Inside front cover.
  • New! 1953 Space Commander Vibro-Matic Walkie-Talkies - Ad appears between pages 1 and 2 of the main story.
  • Joe Palooka Helps His Young Friends Start a Safe Air Rifle Club - Endorsed by the National Rifle Association.
  • May Is National Daisy Air Rifle Month - Inside back cover.
  • Wow! Nothing Beats This Bike for Speed -- or Looks! - Back cover.

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