Deus Ex Tp Vol 01 Childrens Crusade

Deus Ex Tp Vol 01 Childrens Crusade [ More from this series ]

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Artist : John Aggs
Writer : Alex Irvine


Family : Video Game/Software Tie-in
Genre : Science Fiction
Publisher : TITAN COMICS

With society still reeling from the Aug Incident - the Illuminati orchestrated event which caused augmented individuals to mindlessly attack their 'natural' counterparts - anti-aug sentiment is at an all-time global high. Task Force 29, an Interpol-funded coalition, created to quash the rising tide of terrorist activity, stands as the world's main defence against total anarchy. In the city of Prague, where tension is especially high, the team's latest recruit, Adam Jensen, readies for his first mission with the unit. But being augmented himself, how will the former SWAT agent handle himself when faced with the grim reality of the mechanical apartheid? Collects Deus Ex: Children's Crusade #1-5."(W) Alex Irvine (A) John Aggs

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