Deadpool #1 Direct Edition - 9.4 - $36.00

Deadpool #1 Direct Edition - 9.4 - $36.00


Approximate grade : 9.4
Publisher : Marvel
Series code : BI5791
Stock type : Key Issue
Title : Deadpool 1997

After assisting a revolution in Bolivia (and getting paid in revolutionary bucks), Deadpool heads back to merc central to have words with Patch. Deadpool?s next mission takes him to Antarctica to tangle with Sasquatch and blow up a gamma research station in the process. Finding out that the melting gamma core will irradiate the entire southern hemisphere, Deadpool fixes the problem and saves the day. Deadpool is approached by Zoe and Noah and offered a position with Landau, Luckman and Lake but he quickly turns them down as being a good guy isn't exactly his style.

  • Hey, It's Deadpool! or...Deadpool #1 - New direction, first full work by Kelly (?).
  • Behind the Scenes - A look at the making of the issue including script fragmants, rough pencils, cover process and character designs.
  • Deadlines - Text piece on the series.
  • What's Next for the X-Generation - Promo of Generation X material.

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