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CUCUMBER QUEST SC GN VOL 02 RIPPLE KINGDOM [ More from this series ]

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Artist : D.G. Gigi
Cover artist : D.G. Gigi
Writer : D.G. Gigi


Genre : Action/Adventure
Genre : For Young Readers
Publisher : :01 FIRST SECOND
The journey to retrieve the Dream Sword and save the world from destruction continues! After the attack from Splashmaster, Cucumber wakes up in the Ripple Kingdom without any knowledge of where Almond and Sir Carrot could be. He meets the kingdom's Princess Nautilus and, with her guidance, they go in search of them. Meanwhile, Almond and Sir Carrot attempt to escape the Splashmaster's cage, only to run into the Knightmare Knight! Will the crew be able to reunite again and defeat the Splashmaster? Adapted from the popular webcomic series of the same name, Cucumber Quest: The Ripple Kingdom is the second book of a clever, adorable, and hilarious four-volume heroic adventure that is sure to make you hungry for sweets and action."(W/A/CA) D.G. Gigi

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