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Date first in stock : 20220413
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Publisher : DYNAMITE
Wednesday : 20220413

Aiyana is a Native American girl living with her grandmother in Colorado where she often finds herself butting heads with her grandmother's traditional teachings and cultural stories. One day during a class field trip to the cliff dwellings of Mesa Verde, Aiyana steps away from her friends to take a quick selfie, unaware of a storm brewing that's creating havoc across the terrain as she is more interesting in attracting new followers than the historical significance or the change in the weather. When she finally looks away from her phone, she realizes she's entirely alone amongst the stones and bricks, and the world around her is a very different place now... She's been transported into the Spirit World, parallel to her own, both hidden and blind to the world she came from. Luckily for Aiyana, she soon meets a friendly face in the Raven, who pledges his support to help get her home, and the two set off to seek a renowned, mystical entity who can allegedly return her to the human world. (W) M.L. Smoker, Natalie Peeterse (A) Dale Deforest (CA) Oriol Vidal

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