Complete Omaha The Cat Dancer Tp Vol 02

Complete Omaha The Cat Dancer Tp Vol 02 [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Kate Worley
Cover artist : Kate Worley
Writer : Reed Waller


Genre : Anthropomorphics
Publisher : NBM

by Reed Waller & Kate Worley Things have spun terribly out of control at the nightclub Omaha performs in as a party for the most powerful turns into an orgy and her friend Shelley gets shot, Chuck is furious to find out his powerful father is in what ends up as a tawdry power grab, putting them all in danger. Worse, his father manages to abduct Omaha, saying he needs her to take care of Shelley and keep her safe. Chuck and Omaha are seperated and miss each other terribly. Cuck can't seem to face to fact that he needs to comfront his dad for there to be any resolution. The intrigue, the suspense. and the danger fueling torrid sex continues. (W) Reed Waller (A/CA) Kate Worley

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