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Comic Book Story of Beer GN

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Artist : Aaron McConnell
Cover artist : Aaron McConnell
Writer : Jonathan Hennessey


Gift guide : For the Gastronomes in Your Life
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The Comic Book Story of Beer traces beer's influence through world history as a liberating and emancipating force that improved the life of everyday people, beginning with early human's experiments with fermentation all the way up through the contemporary explosion of craft brewing. No book has ever told the story of beer in a graphic format, until this one. Shedding light on abstract subjects like pasteurization, 'original gravity,' and 'lagering,' artist Aaron McConnell has a flair for cinematic action and demonstrates versatility in depicting characters and episodes from beer's rich history. Hand-drawn in a classic, accessible style, The Comic Book Story of Beer makes a great gift, and will appeal to the most avid comic book geek and those who live for beer."(W) Jonathan Hennessey, Mike Smikth (A/CA) Aaron McConnell

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