Cold Mountain Legend Original Dharma Bums Gn

Cold Mountain Legend Original Dharma Bums Gn

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Artist : Akiko Shimojima
Cover artist : Akiko Shimojima
Writer : Sean Michael Wilson


Family : Manga
Publisher : SHAMBHALA

This is a smart, funny graphic novel exploring the life, legend, and lore of two of the greatest poets in Chinese history - Han Shan (known as 'Cold Mountain') and Shih Te - who lived during the Tang dynasty (618-906 CE). They were critics of authority (both secular and religious) and champions of social justice who left their poetry on tree trunks and rocks. They were also reportedly monastics, drunks, cave dwellers, immortals, and many other wild and wondrous things. Sean Michael Wilson has brought these renegade poets to life, showing the places they went and the philosophical and meditative aspects of their lives, as well as revealing their humor and wackiness and their penetrating insights into the human condition.

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