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CHLOE GN VOL 04 RAINY DAYS [ More from this series ]

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Artist : Greg Tessier
Cover artist : Greg Tessier
Writer : Greg Tessier


Genre : For Young Readers
Publisher : CHARMZ
Chloe now finds herself alone on Valentine's Day while her ex-boyfriend is in Italy. Will she still go to the parties or feel sorry for herself at home? Feeling lonely and rejected, Chloe rallies and discovers that when you put yourself out there, amazing things can happen. In the second story, when Chloe goes on holiday to Brittany she rediscovers a past crush after exploring an old attic. She's determined to make this holiday more than a musty, boring, affair, and decides to rekindle the old romance! Available in softcover and hardcover editions. (W/A/CA) Greg Tessier, Amandine

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